Recap of the day -24/1/19

Recap of the day -24/1/19

Math – Learners practiced HCF and LCM sums and word problems.

U O I – Learners chose their portfolio piece for the unit “How we express ourselves”.

Life class session was conducted on the topic  “Gender stereotypes”.


LANGUAGE – Students have to read the personal narrative thoroughly and answer the following question in the E.E notebook.

  • Give a title of your choice to the story.
  • Add 1 figure of speech in the story and underline it.

Note: Students have to stick the worksheet in the E.E notebook without fail.


MATH – Do as directed:

  1. Find the factors of 108 
  2. Write the first five multiples of 14 

Solve the following:

a) I am planting 50 apple trees and 30 peach trees in rows. I want to mix the apple and peach trees in my rows, and I want each row to be the same. What is the maximum number of trees I can plant per row?

b) Find the LCM of 8 and 18

c) Two bikers are riding a circular path. The first rider completes a round in 12 minutes. The second rider completes a round in 18 minutes. If they both started at the same place and time and go in the same direction, after how many minutes will they meet again at the starting point?

d) Find the HCF of 12 and 16


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