Highlight and Homework – 29th Janaury

Highlight and Homework – 29th Janaury


Math : Students revised the concept of ‘Fractions’ through some real life scenarios.

ICT : Students learned to create a mindmup.

Language : Students practiced using transition words according to the context and framed sentences.


UOI : Click on the link and read the article

10 Everyday Rituals that Mean a Lot to Kids

Math : Solve the following in math homework book

a) Illustrate and show 2/5
b) Illustrate and show 4/6
c) In my fruit basket there are 13 pieces of fruit, 5 of which are oranges. How can we express the number of oranges as a fraction?
d) Sam collected 36 coins in total. He gave 18 of them to his sister. What fraction of coins did he give?



Ekta Bathija


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