Homework of 29th January

Homework of 29th January

  • Change the beginning and end of the story, as discussed in class. Use the EE book for reference. Once done, read your story and rate yourself on a scale of 1 o 4, 1 being a blah story and 4 being a brilliant story. Note down the self-rating in your book.
  • Complete the task from the following link, as discussed in class:


If you are doing the task online, upload the document in the folder shared with you named ‘Beginnings and endings’, or else the task has to be done in the Language+ UOI homework notebook.

  • Complete the 4 steps of Big 6 for the group research topic chosen (if not done yet) and start working on step 5 i.e Synthesis as discussed in the class.
  • Work on uploading portfolio pieces. Refer to the comment sheet to rectify your comments. Once the piece is uploaded, comment ‘Done’ on the portfolio checklist sheet.

Have a great day!

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