Recap of the day – 29th January, 2019

Recap of the day – 29th January, 2019

Day 3, Tuesday

Language: Formative assessment of transition words was conducted. Later, students were introduced to the dialogues conventions.

Math: Students revised the concept of ‘Fractions’ through some real-life scenarios.


Language: Visit the link and complete the worksheet:;


Do as directed:
a) Illustrate and show 2
b) Illustrate and show 4/6
c) In my fruit basket, there are 13 pieces of fruit, 5 of which are oranges. How can we express the number of oranges as a fraction?
d) Sam collected 36 coins in total. He gave 18 of them to his sister. What fraction of coins did he give?
e) Find the HCF of 42 and 86
f) Find the LCM of 40 and 60

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