Homework for the day- 31st January 2019

Homework for the day- 31st January 2019

Dear students,

For today’s homework, you need to finish off drafting your autobiography in the document. Following are the pointers we discussed in the classroom about the body of an autobiography:-

  1. Introduction to yourself- Name, birthplace, birthdate, family members and their occupation
  2. Childhood- Your first day at school, any vivid (specific) memory, an incident (good or bad) that shaped your identity, initial days at school, graduating from early years, etc.
  3. PYP- A new beginning- your new learnings, changes you experienced/are experiencing through these years, challenges you are facing in your life, ways you are trying to cope with them, major achievements you have accomplished till now etc.
  4. Your dream, goal, aspiration

Apart from these details, if you have anything more to add, please go ahead. You may also name your autobiography!

Once written, move your document to this folder:- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cGH5PmaPkbOPq063tS1J7WDIFVbT4AMJ

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