Science Party Instructions

Science Party Instructions

Dear students,

This is to inform you all about the information content of your science party presentation. Please follow the flow given below for your presentation.

Topic Name
Relevant exploration of GC (reason for selecting the exploration)
Evidence of work images/ video
Data in form of a table or other organizer
Data interpretation in form of a graph or other manner- To mention Variables in tabular form
Evaluation of work (overall experience)
Strength and weakness (limitation) of topic

Also while presenting, discuss about the real life application and principle of topic. (No need to include it in presentation)

The deadline to submit the presentation to your respective mentors is 12th Feb 2019

Please find the teacher allocation list below :

Section Teachers
Ardour Honey+Vidhi
Elan Harsh + Radha
Exuberance Percy
Verve Honey
Vivacity Krishna
Zing Honey+Manisha
Zest Harsh + Amreen
Rhapsody Heta

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