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Day: February 1, 2019

Highlights of the day 1-02-19

Highlights of the day 1-02-19

Day 6


The 22nd chapter – ‘Watzisname has some strange news’ of the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read and discussed.

Students reflected on their understanding on the infograph and video shown in the class. Later, they were assessed for the same. Students made posters and advertisements on natural resource.U


Students explored the website get epic and understood how to get information from a website.


Solve the given worksheets as discussed in the class.

Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 24)

Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 24)

Unit of inquiry:

The students have started preparing for the Summative Assessment by researching the chosen animal.


Teacher further read the story of ‘The Magic Finger’ and explained it to the students.

Dictation was conducted.

Language Development:

Language with Ease Refrence Book- Revision of ‘Types of Adjectives’ was undertaken through different activities.


  • The teacher demonstrated the concept of grouping to teach multiplication facts.
  • Formative Assessment of Bar Graph was conducted
  • Students revisit the concepts of 2D and 3D shapes and five-minutes(clock).

Weekend Homework:

Language: Click on the link given below and complete the language homework in the Language notebook:

Math: Solve the given worksheet.

Dictation Words for next week:

  • endangered
  • upon
  • because
  • knowledgeable
  • their
  • animal
  • responsibility
  • enough
  • money
  • yelled
  • habitats
  • adaptation
  • camouflage
  • hibernation
  • extinct

Note: Kindly use the parent id for accessing the above link.

Warm regards,

Grade 2 team 🙂

Homework for the weekend- 1st February 2019

Homework for the weekend- 1st February 2019

Dear students,

Take note of the following homework tasks:-

  1. Attempt the assigned task on Submission day- Today
  2. Goal tasks have been updated in this sheet.
  3. Finish off drafting the autobiography and move it to this folder.
  4. Complete the pre-writing stage of biography that you started in the classroom today.
  5. Go through the blog post put up Khadeejha ma’am and do as directed.

Note:- Ensure that you discuss your Readworks report with your parents.

Homework for the weekend – 01-02-19

Homework for the weekend – 01-02-19

Dear Students,

As part of the homework, you need to do the mix bag homework in the mix bag homework notebook and prepare for the group presentation on Monday.

Each team should forward their presentations to me latest by Sunday evening. Any presentation received after that wont be considered for presentation.

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta