Highlight and homework

Highlight and homework


Students were exposed to the understanding of equivalent fractions. (reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcHHhd6HizI and https://www.tes.com/lessons/SfLU0dCFrfQUQQ/divisibility-rule )

Students were quite eager to learn about different rituals, tradition and artefacts associated with different cultures. After an action packed week, they bought some precious artefacts from their home and explained the belief and why is it (the artefact) are values in their homes. So far, they are quite clear with the key terms, rituals, traditions, artefacts and beliefs.

In language, they framed sentences of the transition words orally. A short Formative assessment was taken for the same. They were also introduced to dialogue conventions. (reference: https://thewritepractice.com/dialogue-tags/ )

Important note: Parents to go through the F.A notebooks and sign and acknowledgeable all the F.A taken.




Task 1: Read the story and answer the questions given below:


Task 2: Draft scripts for the performance you are anchoring. (Also, V.A presenters to start brainstorming and drafting scripts for your centre i.e realism, cubism, Impressionism and poster)


Stars of the day: Priyanshi Bhavsar, Ananya Agrawal, Tatsat Mashruwala, Prisha Nangalia and Mannat Nandwani ( for following their goal and volunteering for class organizing)

Also, a show-out to Jinay Shah and Anush Patel for playing their instruments beautifully for the annual performance practice.

Quote of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala

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