Recap of the day – 1/2/19

Recap of the day – 1/2/19

U O I – Hot potato activity based on the keywords of the ongoing unit was conducted followed by the read-aloud of the book “How my parents learned to eat” by Ina.R.Friedman which catered to the significance of rituals and traditions.

Math – Learners explored different centers and understood the concept of ‘Equivalent Fraction’.


Math – visit the link and solve the worksheet.

Language – Visit the link and do the worksheet.

Task 1:  Read the story and answer the questions

Task 2: Search the meaning of the following phrases/words and frame dialogues using them as dialogue tags.

  • Muttered under her breathe
  • Gruffly told off
  • Growled
  • Mumbled
  • Inquired

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