Science of Bread Making!

Science of Bread Making!

“Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.”
-Dale Carnegi

What can be better than learning while doing! The best learning is by allowing the learners know the importance of the concepts learned in real life. Hence the teachers of FS try their best to involve their minds in introducing new ways to incorporate hands on activities and experiences in their teaching. One of such activity was part of Grade 8 students’ learning engagement for the current Integrated Sciences unit ‘Let the Energy Flow!’.

What a moment of indulgence it would be if part of your learning in Science lab includes making a bread loaf with help of your palms, bake it in kitchen and get to taste the breads you made, served in dining area! Feelings of amusement and enthusiasm were conspicuous on their faces throughout the process.  

Yes, indeed our Grade 8 students understood the need of studying the concept of fermentation as they applied their understanding to prepare a bread loaf in science lab using yeast- anaerobic microorganisms required for fermentation. In this way, they understood the application of Scientific concept applied in industries at commercial level.

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