Homework – Coalition 5 February, 2019

Homework – Coalition 5 February, 2019


UOI: Continue your research based on the topic chosen for the conflict summative assessment.

ICT: Draw a portrait of the adult and write alongside of that portrait- when would you ask for help if you needed it online.

Math: Solve the word problems in your Math notebook:

  1. 200 people watched a movie. 55% people like the movie. Calculate the number of people who did not like the movie ?(must do )
  2. ⅗ students in your class have Dell Chromebooks. What percentage of students have Dell Chromebooks? (must do )
  3. A track is 4 km long. Jignesh has jogged 3 km. What percentage of the track has Jignesh jogged? (Should do )
  4. . In a class of 50 students,  8% were absent on a day. Calculate the number of students who were present that day ?(Should do )
  5. 45% of the total population of a town are men and 40% are women. Calculate the percentage of the children in that town ? (Should do )
  6. What is the error – An analysis showed that 0.06 per cent of the T-shirts made by one company were defective. A student says this is 6 out of every 100. What is the student’s error. Justify your answer. (can do )
  7. By selling a chair for Rs.1440, a shopkeeper loses 10% . At what price did he buy it ? (Can do)

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