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Day: February 5, 2019

Highlights of the day 05-02-19

Highlights of the day 05-02-19


Students applied their understanding of multiplication to solve real life problems.


Students edited their narrative piece taking into consideration the feedback given by the teacher.



The manager of a party supply store looked at its data to know the no.of balloons sold in the last week.

Sales of the balloon (last week)
Days Number of balloons
Monday 44
Tuesday 103
Wednesday 72
Thursday 96
Friday 29
Saturday 88
Sunday 37

Use the above data to make a bar graph.

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Homework for the Day: 5th February(Day-2)

Homework for the Day: 5th February(Day-2)

Dear Parents,

Math: Complete the given task in Math notebook.

There was a tree planting activity in a school. Students enthusiastically planted different trees. Following is the data of the planted trees:

Mango tree – 9 Banana tree- 15 Chickoo tree – 11 Custard apple – 3 Papaya tree – 1

Name of the trees Tally Marks Total
Custard apple

Important points to be ke in mind while preparing the ‘Bar Graph’.

  1. Decide a title for your graph
  2. Draw and label the horizontal and vertical axis.
  3. Use the scale of 2.
  4. Use a ruler and a sharpened pencil for drawing the bar graph.
  5. Recheck your work once it is done.
  6. Write the conclusion of the graph.


Grade-2 Team 🙂

Highlights and homework – 5th February 2019

Highlights and homework – 5th February 2019

Day 2 – Tuesday


Students in groups researched about petroleum. Later, they studied few bar graphs and line graphs to understand the consumption of Petroleum in our country.



Find the product of the following using traditional method:

a) 500 x 90 b) 567 x 46

c) 378 x 67 d) 435 x 56

UOI: Read the article on Petroleum and write the conclusion of the graphs given.

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Homework for Ruminate – 5/02/19

Homework for Ruminate – 5/02/19

  • Complete the percentage slip given to you.
  • Cyber safety homework is posted separately by Ishita ma’am, Kindly check and do as explained in the class.
  • Redo the biography as per the critical feedback received by your peers and me. Make sure you submit it on or before Monday( 11-02-19)
  • Reminder to work towards accomplishing your goals.
  • Complete the evaluation – part 6 of Big Six in your respective group sheets. Group leaders to add the areas of improvement sub sheet in the same Big Six research sheet. Once done, input what are your areas of improvement as a group (all group members need to reflect).

Home work for the day _ 5th Feb

Home work for the day _ 5th Feb

Highlights : Increase and Decrease in percentage

Homework : Complete your research findings of the chosen topic and write responses in the UOI Notebook.

Math : Solve the following sums in your HW Notbook

1. By selling a chair for Rs.1440, a shopkeeper loses 10% . At what price did he buy it ?


3. Increase of 15% on 550
4. Decrease of 25% on 225

Digital Media: Draw a portrait of you with an adult , when would you /which situations will you ask for help, if needed online.

Compedium pieces : Kindly upload the pieces (if not finished ) on nucleus – Compendium. In case you have not tagged me in the upload , please edit the pieces again marking me as the person to be tagged.

Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance


ICT: Draw a portrait of an adult and write alongside of that portrait- when would you ask for help if you needed online. A decorated self-made frame could then be created for this picture. You can be as creative as you want.

UOI: Start researching on the selected topic for SA. Also, start working on the scrap book provided. Rubric of the SA has been shared through Google Drive.