Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

Dear Parents,
As you are aware that we have commenced with our new unit- Stories, this unit requires your involvement to a great extent. We also know that stories  are better absorbed & connected when said by someone close, and whats better than a parent coming and narrating it to their kids. 

So heads up dear parents, gear up for the next week & dedicate time for your little ones. You may come to the school on 13th February or 14th February. You need to prepare any story which conveys a moral message,reflects culture & can be an autobiography of great leaders too. You have to use any medium to convey a story : for example puppets, flash cards, books for effective communication & better presentation. The story can be conveyed in any language. Video showing is prohibited.

We look forward for bulk entries hence register your name with your child”s respective HRT through a DD asap. The last date for confirmation is 11th Feb. 

P.S: Kids wait to see their parents being involved in their activities & this is a very good opportunity. Do Not miss the fun!

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