Highlights of the day 8.2.19

Highlights of the day 8.2.19

Cycle 25

Day 5


Formative assessment was conducted.

Summative Assessment has commenced from today.



Solve the given Language and Math worksheet.

Task:2    Do the following in your Maths H.W. Notebook.

Find the product of

a) 243 x 34 b) 453 x 46 c) 376 x 38

Solve the following word problems:

a) The store ordered small posters and large posters to promote their opening. The number of large posters ordered were 48. The small posters ordered were 12 times as much as large posters. How many small posters were ordered by the store?

b) Rajan runs 19 miles a day for 22 days. How far does he run?

c) The Turner family uses 548 liters of water per day. The Hill family uses 3 times as much water per day. How much water does the Hill family use per week?

d) This year on your 11th birthday your mother tells you that she is exactly 3 times as old as you are. How old is she?

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