Highlights of the day 12-02-19

Highlights of the day 12-02-19

Day 1


Different stories were read aloud to the students focusing on story elements.


Formative assessment was conducted.


Solve the following word problems:

a) The basketball team is selling T-shirts for ₹ 256 each. On Monday, they sold 4 T-shirts. On Tuesday, they sold 5 times as many T-shirts as on Monday. How much money did the team earn altogether on Monday and Tuesday?

b) Anita buys a stamp to mail a letter. The stamp costs ₹ 46. Anita also mails a package. The postage to mail the package costs 5 times as much as the cost of the stamp. How much does it cost to mail the package and letter?

c) Every day at the bagel factory, Siya makes 5 different kinds of bagels. If she makes 144 of each kind, what is the total number of bagels that she makes?

d) Priya measured 437 ml of water in a beaker. Siya measured 3 times as much water. How much water did they measure all together?

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