Homework of 12th February

Homework of 12th February

  • Upload your autobiography and biography in the folder shared, without fail. Also, remember to tag your academic buddy for their feedback.
  • Give feedback on the autobiography and biography of your academic buddy, as discussed in class.
  • Watch the video for Google calendar and send an invite for a meeting, as discussed in class. Take a screenshot of the invite and upload it in the folder named ‘Google calendar’ shared with you.
  •  Watch this video on how to create a bar graph in Google Sheets. Once done, create a bar graph based on the following data set:-

No. of students                Chosen sport

13                                        Table tennis

25                                        Basketball

40                                        Football

6                                         Handball

34                                       Volleyball

27                                        Athletics

Your work will be considered as submitted once you move the file to the folder named ‘Bar graph’ shared with you.

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