Book Review Mega Presentation

Book Review Mega Presentation

Dear students,

To develop the reading habit and appreciate the beauty of written work, we started out with the idea of a “Book club.”

It is quite well said “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book” – Frank Serafini.

So far, you all have read multiple books and have raised your bar and interest in reading. You have also shown some creativity while presenting your book reviews. You all reflective communicators need to now celebrate this reading journey in the form of a “Mega Presentation” which will be starting from the 18th of February.  You may choose to give a review of any book you have read so far during your Grade 6 journey, but the same has to be done in the most creative manner possible. Kindly refer to the criteria mentioned in your book review booklet and prepare your enthusiastic confident presentation keeping those criteria in mind. 

This culmination of “ Book club ” should make noise and motivate all non-readers to at least taste the books resulting in choosing a few for themselves. It is time to take all the spectators on a journey. Looking forward to a great presentation.

Read, Review, Represent!!


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