Highlights and Homework – Day 3 – February 14th

Highlights and Homework – Day 3 – February 14th

UoI – Using the comprehension strategy ‘Determining importance,’ learners inquired about significance of rituals and traditions. They used resources like books such as How I celebrate, What do you believe and What is culture? and online resource – https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/mysteries-explored-shocking-science-behind-hindu-traditions/151580

Math – Learners practised finding equivalent fractions through multiplication.

Language – Learners learned about hooks and endings. They watched the videos 

Homework –

UoI –

Task 1 – Visit the link and frame questions for the speakers chosen by you: Human Library


Task 2 – Visit the link, read the article and take your notes through anchor chart stated as below.


Create a table to reflect on what you read. ( minimum 2 points)

Connection +



 Question ?






 The gist of the Article:



Math –

Task 1 – Complete the Mixed bag- Cycle 26 worksheet.

Task 2 – Complete the Equivalent Fractions worksheet.

Language –

Task 1 – Complete the mix bag –Lang_Mixed Bag cycle 26

Task 2 – Create interesting hooks as directed in the worksheet – Hook your reader worksheet

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