Highlights of the week 11th to 14th February

Highlights of the week 11th to 14th February

Dear parents,

We would like to express our gratitude towards all the parents who participated for storytelling event, and made the event successful.

Circle Time:

Introduction of new song

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)
There’s no reason for alarm,
For we won’t do you any harm,

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)
Working all the sunny hours,
Sipping nectar from the flowers,

Bees! Zum! Zum! What a merry hum. (2)

Source- Steiner rhyme

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.
  • Drill: Who tells us stories?


Closing circle:

Story:   The Talkative Tortoise

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.


  • Introduction of shapes (cube and square)
  • Introduction of number “18”
  • Oral counting from 1 to 50.
  • Revision of concepts done so far.


  • Introduction of letter “ q ”
  • Revision of blending.
  • Revision of tricky words  ‘I’, ‘the’,’he’, ‘me’, “to”, “be” , “all”, “are”, “we”, “was”, “do”, “she”.


Unit of Inquiry

TDT: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Storytelling session:- Parents were invited to narrate stories through different mediums.

Artwork: FMS activity (playing with clay)

Handwork: Finger knitting


Language : Booklet of (j,z,w,v,y,x) page no 8, 11, 12

Math : Worksheet of Forward and backward counting.

Important points:-

  • Kindly send one extra pair of uniform daily with your child.
  • Kindly trim nails regularly.
  • Kindly give regular writing practice of all the letters and numbers done till date.

Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team


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