Homework for the weekend- 14th February 2019

Homework for the weekend- 14th February 2019

Dear students,

As you are aware that we are currently working on the summative assessment of our ‘Migration’ unit, this weekend’s task is based on it too. Keep a check of following tasks that need to be attempted:-

  1. Go to this folder and create another folder. Move your spreadsheet and pieces of evidence (interview video, audio, pictures etc.) in this folder. A ‘Master copy’ folder has been created for your reference.
  2. Once done, go through the tabs of the first 3 steps of Big 6. In case, they aren’t updated, do it at the earliest to avoid a backlog.
  3. Resources you may use before conducting an interview:-

a)Big 6 – This resource will give you enough information about each step of big 6.

b)Etiquettes to be followed – Keep in mind these etiquettes before and while conducting an interview.

c) Interview questions – Before you start formulating questions, go through this document to revise the types of questions.

d) Secondary research links– This contains a list of resources that might be helpful for your research.

e) Rubric– This contains the criteria based on which your performance will be assessed.

4. Shortlist at least 3 or maximum 5 people whom you can interview so as to extract relevant information.

5. Follow the etiquettes in order to book an appointment with those people.

6. Ensure that you are recording the interview for future reference and then moving it to your group’s folder. The recording can be done in the form of audio or video.

7. Go through the recordings and put down the relevant information in the form of notes in ‘Step-4’ tab of your spreadsheet. You also need to explore the secondary resources listed in ‘Step-3’ and take down notes.

Note:- All of these tasks will need a lot of cooperation and commitment from all of the group members. Hence, ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

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