HUMAN LIBRARY dated 18th February 2019

HUMAN LIBRARY dated 18th February 2019

Dear Students,

As you are already aware that we are in the final stage of our research for the chosen topic, an  event “The Human Library” has been scheduled on Monday, 18th January 2019, we expect you all to cooperate.

Find below the common instructions to be followed for this event.  -:

  1. You will be guided by your HRM teachers for the venues.
  2. You are going to meet just one guest and converse with them for the entire session. You will have 25 mins session with the guest selected as per your first preference.
  3. We have divided the students into further groups.

The Human Library list

Community Human Library Teacher In Charge
Parsi Persi  Elavia Shehla D
Marwadi Shikha Dhupia Richa S
Marwadi Puja Aggarwal
Punjabi Poonam Suthar Ishita J
Punjabi Harleen Kaur Himani M
Sindhi Vandana Sharma Shreya C
Sindhi Bhumika Manglani Vanita C
Kathiyawadi Bharat Suhagiya Tina B
Kathiyawadi Harsh Vaghela Tina B
Marathi Priti Pimpalkhare Nisreen


  1. Kindly take  your UOI notebooks for taking notes.
  2. The event is called HUMAN LIBRARY, for a reason. Do not forget the essence of ‘LIBRARY’, to stay as calm and quiet as you can. We understand you have doubts and questions but still we expect your full cooperation for the same.


Grade 6 Team

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