Homework: 19 February, 2019

Homework: 19 February, 2019


Mixed bag: Check the answer key of cycle 25 and 26 posted on google classroom and do the corrections.

Book review : Start working on the Mega presentation for the book chosen for the month of March.

Language : Do as directed in your Language notebook:

Q1. Change the subject to plural form and use the correct verb.

Eg. The girl likes apples.

         Ans. The girls like apples

  1. He rethinks about the choices made.
  2. The woman works at the clinic.
  3. This house costs around a million dollars.
  4. The man goes to the store.


Q2. Fill in the gaps with an adjective. ​Try using brilliant adjectives and not just ‘big, small, red, pink etc.

​1.​ ​Her ________________ car stopped.

2.​ ​My ________________ coat is warm.  ​

3.​ ​The film was __________________.  ​

4.​ ​The sky is ____________________.  ​

5.​ ​I saw a _________________ whale.

​6.​ ​The _______________ dog barked.

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