Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 26)

Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 26)

Unit of inquiry:

TDTHow we organize ourselves

CISigns and symbols are a part of human-made systems that facilitate local and global communication.

Whole class activity: Students explored the FS students web page and the term ‘Icons’ was introduced, followed by explaining the definition of the term. Through this activityIconography’ was introduced.

The central idea was disclosed through an activity.

Students got an opportunity to visit Kansar Resturant where they observed/understood a specialized system of communication which was created by a human for organizing themselves. They also used these signs for communicating with the people who were serving them. Later, the students were asked to reflect on their understanding keeping in mind the Central idea and the TDT.


The celebration of the reader ‘The Magic Finger’ was conducted through group activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Formative Assessment of ‘The Story Elements’ and Dictation was conducted.

Language Development:

The language with Ease Reference Book- Introduction of the Adverb was done through different activities.

Revision of ‘Verbs and Articles’ was taken.


Teacher role modelled the concepts of  ‘Array’.

Summative Assessment of ‘Data Handling’ was taken.

Students solved the word problems independently in the class and the teacher clarifies their doubts in the class.

Note:  Please send any object of 3D shapes with students (i.e Prism, Triangular based pyramid, square based pyramid) for revising the concept of 3D shapes.


Grade-2 Team.


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