Highlights of the Day – 21/02/19

Highlights of the Day – 21/02/19

Day 1,


Student led conference for the unit ‘Sharing the planet’ was held today where students showcased their understanding about the unit through various presentations.


Solve the following word problems.

  1. The table shows the number of stickers of various types in Krishna’s new sticker book. Krishna’s six friends own the same sticker book. How many stickers do Krishna and her six friends have altogether?
Types of stickers Number of stickers
Flowers 32
Smiley faces 21
Hearts 39

2.  Sarah bought a shirt on sale for Rs. 499. The original price of the shirt was 3 times that amount. Sarah also bought a pair of shoes on sale for Rs. 299. The original price of the shoes was 5 times that amount. Together, how much money did the shirt and shoes cost before they went on sale?


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