Students of grade 6 were introduced to a new unit titled “Migration” under the TDT, Where we are in place and time. The unit was designed to help students understand, explore and inquire about:
• The reasons why people migrate.
• Migration throughout history.
• Effects of migration on communities, cultures and individuals.

The students were tuned in to the unit on migration with the help of the book “I am Australian too” by Mem Fox. Along with the usual means of books, internet and articles on migration, immigration, refugees; the learners also had the opportunity to interact with various guest speakers who shared their personal migration experiences thereby providing valuable insights into the concept of migration.

Further, the students chose topics for their research work and the successive application of their knowledge using the fundamentals of the Big 6 research tool allowed them to discover and differentiate the various reasons that led to migration and how the human migration has changed over a period of time.

To demonstrate their content knowledge and conceptual understanding of this unit, the students created a biography of a migrant from their chosen community wherein they successfully showcased the integration of their language and literacy skills. Inquisitiveness of learners was pretty evident and it was a pure joy to watch them apply their interviewing skills while interviewing people from different communities. The young researchers also had a human library session to enhance their understanding of their chosen community. The students also demonstrated mutual cooperation and teamwork while concocting their final work along with evaluating themselves.

The clock is ticking and the students are now demonstrating their understanding of the unit through their Summative Assessment. Countdown now begins…  52  days to go for the PYP Exhibition. 
Looking forward to continuous support from your end.
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