Guest Speaker Sessions by Mr. Tenzin Tsundue

Guest Speaker Sessions by Mr. Tenzin Tsundue


Born to a Tibetan refugee family who laboured on India’s border roads around Manali, North India, during the chaotic era of Tibetan refugee resettlement in the early seventies, we introduce to you, Mr. Tenzin Tsundue, a writer-activist, a rare blend in the Tibetan community in exile. He published his first book of poems, Crossing the Border, in 1999 with money begged and borrowed from his classmates at Bombay University. In 2001 he won the ‘Outlook-Picador Award for Non-Fiction’. His second book, Kora, is already in its eighth edition, and his third title, Semshook, is in its third edition. This the third edition Tsen-GÖl, first published in March 2012.

After graduating from Madras, South India, he braved snowstorms and treacherous mountains, broke all rules and restrictions, crossed the Himalayas on foot and went into forbidden Tibet! The purpose? To see the situation of his occupied country and lend a hand to the freedom struggle. Arrested by China’s border police, and locked up in prison in Lhasa for three months, he was later ‘pushed back’ to India.

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Fountainhead School welcomes Mr.Tenzin Tsundue to our school to conduct guest speaker sessions to enlighten our students in Grade 9, 10 and 11 regarding the ongoing Tibetan Conflict from various perspectives.

The details of the sessions are as follows: 

Day Session Students Topics to be discussed Timings and Venues
25th February 2019
Day 3
1 Grade 9 Tibet Conflict
– Why do conflicts occur?
– What role does Globalisation play in such          conflicts?
– Who are involved in the Tibet conflict and what are their views on the issue?
– Can freedom be ever achieved for Tibet? how? if not,  why?
– Moral reasoning of justifying wars/conflicts.
10.30am- 12.30pm
2 Grade 10 India Studies and Global Perspectives
– India’s disputes with China especially with regard to Tibet, 
– Refugee rights and Migration 
– India’s support to Tibet
– Difference of opinions and feelings between generations on the fight Tibetan independence.
26th February 2019
Day 4
1 Grade 11 Theory of Knowledge
– Media manipulation regarding the Tibet conflict that is occurring.
– Ethical aspects as freedom fighter “Are they really doing the right thing?”, 
– The truth about the conflict -different perspectives (personal level, the local level, national level, and global level)
2 Grade 9 Personal Project Students
Book Writing




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