Highlights and homework – Day 2 – February 22nd

Highlights and homework – Day 2 – February 22nd

UOI – Learners had a skype session with a Thailand resident. Through the ICT, they inquired further into the inquiry and understood a different culture.

Math – Learners were introduced to like and unlike fractions and further comparison of the fractions.

Language – Learners started the “We do”  session for the narrative writing following the writing process.

Homework –

Math –

Task 1 – Complete the Math Mixbag Cycle 27

Task 2 – Solve the Comparing Fractions in your Math notebook.

Language –

Task 1 – Complete the Language Mixed Bag 27

Task 2 – Research on Gujarati and Bengali wedding rituals and traditions for narrative writing. (Take your notes in Language writing notebook)

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