Highlights of the week : 18th Feb to 22nd Feb

Highlights of the week : 18th Feb to 22nd Feb

Circle Time :

  • Introduction to the rhymes :



Some families are large,

Some families are small

But I love my family

best of all.

           -Sources Unknown



(Sung to: “Jingle bells”)

D-A-D, D-A-D,

Dad is my best friend.

We play games, we go the park,

The fun just never ends!

D-A-D, D-A-D,

I love to hold your hand.

It feels so good, it feels so safe,

You’re the best dad in this land!

                     – Sources Unknown.


Read aloud of the following books:

  1. My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh by Nick Sharratt
  2. My Family Your Family illustrated by the kindergarten children of westfield school.



Central idea : Family and friends play an important role in our life.

  • Field trip to a ‘Joint Family’.
  • Identification of their own type of family.


Central idea : We play to explore and have fun.

  • Outdoor and Indoor games to develop Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills.


Language :

  • The monkey and the cap seller story through Puppets.
  • Show n Tell of their Family photo.


Math :

  • Centers for Quantification of numbers 5-10


Closing circle :

Story : The Golden Axe



Nursery team

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