Grade 2-Literary event!!!

Grade 2-Literary event!!!

Dear Parents,

Whoa !!! Fasten your seat belts parents as our second literary event ‘Event recount’ is around the corner, which is on 12th of March. This is another golden opportunity for your kids to perk up their presentation skills. The purpose of this special event is to give you an insight into how the children are able to recount the events confidently. It is also very valuable for the children to have the opportunity to share their experience courageously. This, in turn, builds their own self-confidence and develops their speaking skills too.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and support to make this a very valuable and worthwhile experience for you and your child. We look forward to your presence to encourage the children as well as to make the literary event a grand success.

Students will qualify on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Eye-Contact
  2. Fluency
  3. Usage of transition words
  4. Sequence( Chronological order)
  5. Confidence
  6. Audibility
  7. Body language

Thanks and regards,

Grade 2 team 🙂

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