Highlight and Homework – 26th February

Highlight and Homework – 26th February


Language : Learners started with the you do session of the narrative writing following the writing process.

UOI : Through classroom discussions students learnt that artefacts symbolizes various beliefs and values.


Math :

Task 1: Do as directed 

  1. Is 3560 divisible by 2, 5, 6 and 9? Justify.
  2. Find the factors of 98
  3. Find the first 4 multiples of 81
  4. Find the first two equivalent fractions of:        (a) 16/18  (b) 34/54

Task 2 – Attempt the Ordering game online.

Language – Attempt adjective and adverb test online. (Scroll down the page)



Ekta Bathija

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