Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 26th February, 2019

Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 26th February, 2019



Solve the following word problems in your Math notebook:

  1. A bottle of lemonade normally contains 500ml. New edition bottles have 15% extra free. How much lemonade is in the new edition bottles?
  2. If 200 is increased by 30%, what is the result?
  3. Jenny decided to order 30% more flour for his restaurant than last year. If he ordered 250kg last year what weight of flour should he order this year?
  4. When two Directors released their first album, 150 copies were downloaded in the first week. For their second album 32% fewer copies were downloaded. How many copies of their second album were downloaded?
  5. Samay spelt 13 out of 20 words correctly on his spelling test. Write his test score as a percent.




Kudos to the efforts of Students of G-5 Consortium for their Annual Performance.

Thankyou parents for being a wonderful audience. 🙂

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