Homework for the day

Homework for the day

Dear students,

Complete the following homework tasks:

1)We will have the learning centers activity tomorrow, you have to make 6 different Graphic Organisers of your choice in your PYP journal and fill the same while exploring the centers.

You may refer to the following repository folder or create one of your own – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H92CBMQSa-Rnv7xXQ0pVgMFk3EaZ-BUG?usp=sharing

2)You have been appreciating the surroundings in many ways so far, but it is time to show a caring attitude towards our planet, towards each living being, towards the resources which makes our life easier. Let us watch the following videos –

A simple yet powerful task is, to design a poster post watching these videos. You need to critically think for a problem you witness around you locally or globally, think of a creative solution ( it can be as simple as one shown in the talent awareness video as it has to be a doable task).
You would want to add the following points in your poster –
– A situation around which disturbs you.
– A possible solution to that problem.
– A movement to engage more people in this problem-solving.
– A slogan or a quote to spark that awareness in the viewer’s mind.
You have come a long way so far and it is for sure that you are furthermore critical thinkers, problem solvers and the communicators with “I CAN, I WILL…” attitude.
Let us make this planet a more safe and friendly place for one and all.
3)Update your PYP journal by writing your learnings from the session today.
4)Complete the POI sheet as explained in the class. Ignore if done.
5)Update the index sheet as explained after every learning center.
Happy learning!!!!
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