Highlights of the week 25th Febuary to 1st March

Highlights of the week 25th Febuary to 1st March

Circle Time:


  • Good morning dear Earth

  • Each like a petal, of one great flower

  • Oh, the grand old duke of Swat

  • Two little butterflies

Phonological Awareness :

Rhyming words



Read aloud: Sr. KG monthly book list.

Closing circle story: The milkmaid’s dream

UOI: Games

Transdisciplinary theme: Who we are

Central idea: Games can enhance our understanding about us.

Formative Assessment in PE slot (Langdi, Throw ball, Rugby)


Game: Bingo (all concepts)

Revision: Addition (Mental Math)

Term 2 Math workbook pg no. 59 & 60



Revision: Tricky words and digraph words

FA: Dictation of tricky words(there, they, go, no, so, my)

Choral reading:

  • All the tricky words done till now
  • Jolly phonics readers
  • Sentences

Worksheet: Match the sentences with the pictures

Writing: Sentences in the notebook

Dictation: Sentences




Term 2 Workbook- page no. 28 & 30

Copy the sentences given below in the notebook (once)

  1. The dog jumps on the cat.
  2. She is sleeping in the barn.
  3. The king had a cloak.

Guidelines for writing sentences:

  • First letter should be capital
  • Full stop at the end
  • One finger space between the words
  • Correct formation of the letters

Important note:
Kindly ensure that you send the required food items for the cooking slot.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Sr KG Team

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