Recap of the day – 7/3/19

Recap of the day – 7/3/19

Math –  Students revised all the concepts learned so far in Fractions.

Language and U O I – Learners completed revising and editing now they will start preparing PPT’S for the same.


Math – Do as directed:
a) Find the HCF of 18 and 54
b) Find the LCM of 86 and 92
c) Add: 5/6 + 2 /8
d) Subtract: 4/7 – 1/5
e) Simplify the following: i) 12/26 ii) 72/90
f) Anita filled a bucket with 2/3 liter of water. A few minutes later, she realized only 1/8 liter water remained. How much water had leaked out of the bucket?

Language – Do the step of publishing for you do together in your writer’s notebook.


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