Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance

[Highlight Of The Week]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students learned about states of matter. They are in the process of learning various physical properties of different types of materials. They have all put on their scientist caps and have started conducting experiments.


Students learned various types of angles and their construction. They also revised their learning of converting fractions to percentages and vice-versa. They took their understanding further and applied it in the construction of pie-chart.



Conduct an experiment where one matter changes to another. Illustrate and explain along with the process in your UOI Notebook. Alternatively, you can also click the pictures or shoot the video and move it in the folder shared with you yesterday(Evidences for Material) [Eg – Ice (Solid) when melted turns to water (Liquid)]

Mixed Bag

Open the following link and solve it in your Mixed Bag Notebook

Cycle 28.2

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