Sr. KG: Highlights Of The Week (4th-8th March)

Sr. KG: Highlights Of The Week (4th-8th March)

Circle Time:


  • Good morning dear Earth

  • Each like a petal, of one great flower

  • Two little butterflies


Introduction Of Rhyme:

Pretty flower elves are we, Dancing to and fro, Peeping out from ‘neath our buds, As round and round we go.

Sleepy, sleepy snails are we, Our steps are long and slow. We drag our feet along the ground, As round and round we go.

Butterflies from the air are we, Our wings are fairy light. We dance before the King and Queen Upon the flowers bright.

Funny little gnomes are we, Our beards are long and white. Towards the rocks our footsteps turn, To tap from morn till night.

Long green snakes in the grass are we, Our tails are far away, We wriggle and wriggle and twist and turn, As in and out we sway.

Busy, busy bees are we, Our wings make honey glow. We sip the nectar from the flowers, As round and round we go.

-Taken from


Phonological Awareness :

  • Digraph word riddle
  • Guess the word action game
  • Blending


Read aloud: Sr. KG monthly book list.


Closing circle story: Tikki Tikki Tambo

UOI: Games

Transdisciplinary theme: Who we are

Central idea: Games can enhance our understanding about us.

  • Beam balance game
  • Reflection of the beam balance game



  • Introduction of number names 81-90.
  • #F.A.: Half past (reading and plotting)
  • Introduction of addition (number 0-9) through ten frames, jodo blocks and place value kit.
  • Revision of addition through learning centers
  • Dodging of number names



  • Introduction of tricky words (one, by, only, old, like, have, live, give, little, down, what, when)
  • DIBELS was conducted
  • Writing of tricky words in the notebook
  • Dictation of sentences


Choral reading:

  • All the tricky words done till now
  • Sentences





Term 2 Workbook- page no. 22 & 23

Tricky words worksheet


Important note:
Kindly ensure that you send the required food items for the cooking slot.

Have A Stupendous Weekend!!!

Sr KG Team


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