Summative Assessment- Sciences

Summative Assessment- Sciences

Grade7 – All
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Fri Mar 15 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Making sense of elements
Assessment Criteria: A , B and C
Details: Topics :-

Subatomic particles of atom
Atomic Number
Atomic Mass Number
Electronic configuration , valence electrons
Elements, Mixtures and Compounds
Anatomy of Periodic table
Properties of metals and non metals
Periodic table Families

Assessment Objectives:-
Objective A: Knowing and understanding
i. outline scientific knowledge

Objective B: Inquiring and designing
i. outline an appropriate problem or research question to be tested by a scientific investigation
ii. outline a testable prediction using scientific reasoning
iv. design scientific investigations.

Objective C: Processing and evaluating
i. present collected and transformed data
ii. interpret data and outline results using scientific reasoning
iii. discuss the validity of a prediction based on the outcome of the scientific investigation
iv. discuss the validity of the method .
Duration: 50 minutes
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view

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