Homework for 14/3

Homework for 14/3

Dear students,

Create a blueprint(meaning – an early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved) of what the research on your topic will look like, the process you will follow, the medium of expression you will choose, the kind of action you will take and how, the primary and secondary sources you may use, field trips etc. In short, this piece should reflect your thoughts on how your exhibition will look like.
Illustrating will help you visualize and have a better idea of your thought process. You can make it as creative as you wish too. You need to do this task on the blank pages of your PYP exhibition journal.

You also need to explore the following websites to gain an understanding of issues and how we as an individual can bring a change through our actions.


http://www.designforchangeindia.com/Log Out







Have a lovely day. Keep smiling!

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