Summative Assessment- Sciences

Summative Assessment- Sciences

Grade8 – All
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Tue Mar 26 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Unit 4: Let the Energy Flow
Assessment Criteria: A, B, C and D
Details: Criteria to be Assessed:
Objective A: Knowing and Understanding.
i. describe scientific knowledge
ii. apply scientific knowledge and understanding to solve problems set in familiar and unfamiliar situations
iii. analyse information to make scientifically supported judgments.

Objective B: Inquiring and Designing
i. describe a problem or question to be tested by a scientific investigation
ii. outline a testable hypothesis and explain it using scientific reasoning
iii. describe how to manipulate the variables, and describe how data will be collected
iv. design scientific investigations.

Objective C: Processing and Evaluating
i. present collected and transformed data
ii. interpret data and describe results using scientific reasoning
iii. discuss the validity of a hypothesis based on the outcome of the scientific investigation
iv. discuss the validity of the method
v. describe improvements or extensions to the method.

Objective D: Reflecting on Impact of Sciences
i. describe the ways in which science is applied and used to address a specific problem or issue
ii. discuss and analyse the various implications of using science and its application in solving a specific problem or issue
iii. apply scientific language effectively
iv. document the work of others and sources of information used.

Topic List:
-Energy and its types and conversion (Kinetic,potential,mechanical,chemical,electrical,thermal/heat,magnetic,wind,geothermal,nuclear,elastic potential,light)
-Source and Resource
-Difference between energy source and resource
-Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
-Exhaustible and Inexhaustible
-How does energy gets transferred into living things?
-Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
-Energy Transfer
-Energy Pyramid
-Role of enzyme in Activation energy
-Exothermic and Endothermic Reaction
-Combustion (Three Zones of flames)
-Collision Theory
-How are Force and Work related?
-Relationship between Work and Energy
-Understanding Kinetic and Potential energy
-Law of conversation of energy
-Power and Efficiency

Charged Chromebooks
Duration: 45 minutes
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view

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