Highlights and homework – Day 6 and Day 1 – March 18th and 19th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 and Day 1 – March 18th and 19th

UOI – Learners focused on the transdisciplinary theme and recollected the different units they learned in the PYP so far. Later, they focused on the theme ‘How we organise ourselves’ inquired about the aspect ‘economic activities and their impact on humankind and environment.’ Learners were also introduced to the research tool Big 6. As they will be leading the inquiry for the current unit using Big 6.

Language – Learners were provided feedback for the drafting done by them in the previous session. Later, they revised and edited their draft.

Math – Learners were introduced to addition and subtraction of mixed numbers. Later, they practised the same along with the conversion of mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa.


Task 1 – Choose anyone video to revisit the improper fractions. Video 1 or Video 2. (This HW is Optional)

Task 2 – Game 1 – Fractions to whole numbers

Task 3 – Practice through division – Conversion (Rough work to be shown in the Math book) (Attempt 3 sums)

Task 4 – Do as directed –

  1.     2  1/2    –    1   2/3
  2.     7   3/4   +   4   1/5

UOI: Find out what is economic activities and take notes in your UOI notebook.

Resource to use for research are image and video (watch video till 1.28)

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