Highlights of the week !!

Highlights of the week !!

[Highlight Of The Week] [Unit Of Inquiry]

Students were tuned into the new unit ‘Earth’.
The teacher disclosed the central idea.


Writing Process (Pre-writing, Drafting, Editing, Revising and Publishing) was taught in class with the help of I Do and We Do Model. The students copied the We Do model in their language notebooks.
Chapter 1 of the nine hats reader ‘Stuart little’ was read using a comprehension strategy.
Dictation was conducted.


Multiplication facts of 5 and 6 were taught.
Multiplication vocabulary was introduced that is (Multiplicand, Multiplier and Product.)
Commutative property of multiplication was explained.
Mixed word problems related to the concept of addition and subtraction were revised where students solved 2 – 3 problems independently.
Students solved calendar word problems.
Summative Assessment of number strand was conducted.


Write and learn the tables from 1-5

Dictation Words for coming Friday 22nd March :
1 quarter
2 minutes
3 hour
4 enormous
5 whiskers
6 absurd
7 because
8 assured
9 applauded
10 adventure
11 orchard
12 referee
13 quite
14 scared
15 quiet



Grade 2 Team 🙂




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