Grade 2 Literary event ‘Recount’ winners

Grade 2 Literary event ‘Recount’ winners

Dear all,

We are elated to announce the winners of the Grade 2, Literary event – ‘Recount’ inter-house competition.

It was a breathtaking experience seeing the young ones performing so confidently. Before announcing the winners, we would like to congratulate all the students who participated in the competition enthusiastically. Below are the star performers of the Literary event ‘Recount’:


Position Name of the Student Houses Section



Dhyaana Mulchandani Dignity Explore
Palaash Anandani Liberty Invent
Arham Vasa Integrity Think
Vania Singhania Dignity Dream
Divit Champaneri Dignity Create
Jiyana Shah   Integrity Wonder
Jetr Bhatia Liberty Discover
Rayna Rathod Integrity Ponder
Second Position Mira Rathi Integrity Dream
Ayaan Sakaria Liberty Dream
Dia Surana   Liberty Create
Kunj Parikh Integrity Wonder
Preyah Savani Liberty Wonder
Kartikay Jain Integrity Explore
Raavee Patel Dignity Explore
Veera Patel Liberty Invent
Kavya Thumar   Liberty Think
Aarna Agarwal Unity Think
Yukti Begani Unity Ponder
Samaria Gupta Integrity Discover
Mitansh Shah Liberty Discover
Third Position Misha Doshi Unity Invent
Ishaan Somani Integrity Ponder
Shaarav Ruchandani Dignity Create

Thanks and regards,

Grade 2 team 🙂

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