Highlights and homework – Day 3 – March 22nd

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – March 22nd

UOI – Learners discussed the notes collected by them about economic activities. Later, they concluded economic activities involved production, distribution, consumption and exchange of goods and services. In order to understand economic activities, they decided to inquire more about goods and services, lines of distributions, the role of demand and supply for goods/services.

Math – Learners practised conversion of improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa and real-life word problems of the same.

Learners were also introduced to the summative assessment task of fractions which will be presented through Student-led conference.

Language – Learners drafted poetry based on the previous session’s pre-writing.

Homework –

Math – Complete the Math Mixed bag Cycle 30 in your Math HW notebook and graph in the graph book.

Language – Complete the Language Mixed bag Cycle 31 in the journal sheet provided to you.

Note – You may wish to practice typing skills through this link.


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