Integrated Sciences (Biology) – Summative Assessment syllabus and details

Integrated Sciences (Biology) – Summative Assessment syllabus and details

Dear Students,

Please note that your Summative assessment in Integrated Science Unit – A little Nervous and a little Pumped! will be conducted during IS slots from 3rd April to 8th April 2019.

Information regarding SA topics, objectives and tasks of the unit –A little Nervous and a little Pumped! is as follows:

Biology A little nervous and a little pumped! – Structure of neuron
– Types of neuron
– Action Potential
– Types of Nervous system – CNS and PNS
– Types of PNS – Autonomic and Somatic PNS
– Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous system
– Reflex Arc
– Interconnection between Nervous system and Circulatory system
– Flow of circulation
– Parts of the circulatory system
– Structure of heart
– Constituents of blood
– Technological advances used for the Circulatory system and Nervous system.
– Impacts of transplantation

Objective A: Knowing and understanding

i. explain scientific knowledge
ii. apply scientific knowledge and understanding to solve problems set in familiar and unfamiliar
iii. analyze and evaluate information to make scientifically supported judgments.

Objective D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

i. explain the ways in which science is applied and used to address a specific problem or issue
ii. discuss and evaluate the various implications of the use of science and its application in solving a
specific problem or issue
iii. apply scientific language effectively
iv. document the work of others and sources of information used.

Please find the details of SA dates for your section below:

Section SA date
Enigma 3/4/19, 4/4 19
Epiphany 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Eureka 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Fortuity 5/4/19
Revelation 3/4/19, 4/4/19, 5/4/19
Serendipity 5/4/19, 8/4/19


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