Grade 5 Alliance

Grade 5 Alliance

[Highlight Of The Day]

Students conducted various experiments to explore materials and their properties while practicing the Scientific Method.

They also created various structures using materials like newspaper, rulers, toothpicks, etc thereby understanding the 3rd LOI – Manipulating and application of materials for a specific purpose.


  1. Complete writing Scientific Procedure for the experiments conducted in class, if pending.
  2. Read books assigned on
  3. Watch the following video: How gold chains are actually made?
  4. Also, do some background research on DOMS factory for a better understanding of the same before we visit there.


Keep preparing for Mega Book Review which is scheduled on 29th March 2019, Friday.

You’ll never be bored if you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do! – Dr. Suess



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