Highlights of the day – 26/03/2019

Highlights of the day – 26/03/2019


2 by 1 division and 3 by 1 division word problems were role modeled by the teacher. Later, learners solved a few word problems independently.


Learners gave there presentation on Digestive system as their FA.


Learners wrote a Story ladder of Chapter 24 “A most exciting time”.



Proceed further with your narrative writing as per given instructions.


Solve the sums and check your answer.

a). 783 ÷ 6,

b). 546 ÷ 3,

c). 688 ÷ 4,

d). Ninety-seven lunch trays were placed equally in 4 stacks. How many lunch trays were in each stack? How many lunch trays will be left over?

e). Eva takes 57 stickers from her collection and divides them up equally between 4 of her friends. How many stickers will each friend receive? Eva puts the remaining stickers back in her collection. How many stickers will Eva return to her collection?

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