Homework of 26th March

Homework of 26th March

Dear students,

Being at school, we have come across word problems related to our real-life situations quite often. Through these problems, we have gone shopping, planned for a birthday party, baked dishes and what not. Now is the time to move a step ahead and visualize these problems through an interactive medium.

Visit this link and choose a character.

You will then be asked to choose a place to visit.

For today, visit ‘Sweet Treat cafe’ to help the manager.

Ensure that you follow his instructions and do as directed.

Answer the following questions in your Maths homework notebook or journal sheets:-

  1. Did you spot any commonalities/differences in this game as compared to all of the resources we have used till date? Pen it down in a Venn diagram.
  2. List down all the concepts you could revise through this game.
  3. Which of these concepts you think you mastered?
  4. Did you struggle with any of these concepts? If yes, list them down.
  5. Was there any key takeaway that will help you in real life?
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