Highlights and homework – Day 6 & 1 – March 27th & 28th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 & 1 – March 27th & 28th

UOI – Using the Big 6 research tool, learners researched about ‘Economic activities.’ They also found information about consumptions, production, exchange, goods and services. They learned about the barter system during the read-aloud of a book called ‘A new coat for Anna by Harriet Ziefert’

Math – Learners continued to work on their Fractions summative assessment preparations.

Language – Based on the teacher feedback, learners revised the poem written by them in the previous session.

Homework –

Math – Taken from the reference book – The joy of Mathematics. Complete the below stated word problems in your Math HW notebook.

  1. Mr. Fraction painted 1/5 of his wall on Monday, 3/10 on Tuesday and 3/10 on Wednesday. How much has he painted altogether?
  2. Nina required two three-fourth meters of cloth for her uniform, while her sister Seema required three and a half meter of cloth. How much material did their mother buy for them?
  3. There were 6 five-seventh cakes, 3 two-thirds were eaten. How much was left?
  4. A rope was 10 two-eighth meters long, 3 five-eighth meters was cut off. How much was left?

Language – As per your need, practice any one or both of the task.

Task 1 – Choose the suitable transition words from the list and rewrite the complete sentence in your Language EE notebook. Transition Words Worksheet_ Connecting Ideas

Task 2 – Match the description with emotions and rewrite the same in your Language EE notebook make-match-show-dont-tell


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