Highlights for Cycle No.30

Highlights for Cycle No.30

There is never enough time to enjoy what you love.’ – Joyce Rachelle

With eighteen days to go for the D-day, students are working with a lot of zest. Students began the week by meeting their mentors, having ice-breaking activities along with discussing their strengths and weaknesses to develop a bond amongst them. They also happened to converse about their topic selected.

In addition to these mentor meetings, students jumped into the process of PYP Exhibition by penning down their primary idea of their selected topic.

Furthermore, they jotted down their thoughtful questions based on their selected topic which were then segregated into open and close-ended questions using which they moved further to frame the lines of inquiry. They also connected these lines of inquiry with the key concepts.

Likewise, towards the end of the week, our junior analysts started working towards extraction of usefulĀ information for their research work, going for field trips and conducting surveys & interviews for authentic data.

Moving on in the journey, the students will now experience theĀ most awaited and exciting part in the upcoming cycle wherein they will start exploring the various art forms in order to work upon their medium of influence.

Grade 6 Team.

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