Highlights of the day 28-03-19

Highlights of the day 28-03-19

Day 1


  • Learners understood the functioning of the respiratory and circulatory system through a drama. They also understood the interconnection with other body systems.
  • Later, they watched a video on the respiratory system.
  • Also, learners made a model of lungs and diaphragm using plastic bottle, straw and balloons and understood how they function in our body.


Learners practiced solving 2 by 2 digit division sums independently.



Solve the following division sums

a) 48 ÷ 9

b) 75 ÷ 5

c) 783 ÷ 4

d) 84 ÷ 12

e) 99 ÷ 33

f) 70 ÷ 14

Solve the following word problems:

  1.  A carton of milk contains 128 ounces. Sara’s son drinks 4 ounces of milk at each meal. How many 4-ounce servings will one carton of milk provide?”
  2. Selena’s dog completed an obstacle course that was 932 meters long. There were 4 parts to the course, all equal in length. How long was 1 part of the course?”

Note – Complete your reading and be prepared for retelling presentation scheduled tomorrow.

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